Product Alchemy™ is a product marketing consultancy for companies who must ensure their products have the best chance of market success. If you are ready to overlay our expertise and methodology combining design, story and user experience alongside your established personnel and processes, we can help your product become a hit.

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We have decades of expertise using design, story, and user experience to create highly successful products and companies. Here’s how we can help you:


Branding, Positioning & Go-To-Market
• Brand, position & name development
• Public & industry analyst relations
• Launch & go-to-market plans
• Channel strategy
• Pricing methodology
• Roadmap review
• User experience audit


Leadership & Organization
• Virtual CEO/CMO/CPO roles
• Team org review & structure
• Personnel review
• Board mgmt. advice & tools
• Product definition process
• Product mgmt. & dev process
• Advisor or board director


Business, Product & Market Approach
• Product direction
• Business model
• Analyst relations
• PR & social media
• Business development
• Investment deck
• Product development


Sometimes, all you need is someone to just jump in and get things done. We do this often, taking on content creation projects such as: Videos • Podcasts • Presentations • Illustrations • Packaging • White Papers • Data Sheets • Product Instruction Manuals • Installation Guides • Quick Start Guides.


We have been called in to advise or personally manage assignments when the oatmeal hit the fan. We have successfully handled many seemingly-impossible situations and have immediate access to expert troubleshooters. Don’t hesitate to call us if you are facing a SHTF moment.


Think of us as your formula for product success.


We work for you, to make your efforts successful. So we are happy to act as behind-the-scenes advisors or as visible leadership while fully integrating with your internal and external teams.


We listen closely, hear what you are saying, make careful determinations, and then deliver our recommendations. You’ll never wonder what we’re thinking because we’ll always tell you.


Our typical compensation is a mix of monthly cash retainer with equity, and is based on achieving measurable, agreed-upon results. All work is guaranteed.


With Product Alchemy, you will be working day-to-day with a Principal for cost-efficiency, responsiveness and higher-order problem solving. 


Examples where we have led the development and marketing of disruptive hardware products and online services:

Presto Services

Computerless Email for Elders

Role: CEO (prev. VP Mktg./Prod. Mgt.)

• Lowered CAC by 65%
• Retained team 8 years past ’09 crash
• Increased avail. market & retention
• Added new-revenue streams

Company: Venture-backed startup (KPCB, Vanguard, Clearstone) – 4 rounds


IoT Enterprise SaaS for Consumer Products

Role: VP Marketing

Development Highlights:
• Marketing strategy
• Positioning & messaging
• Sales collateral & online content
• Industry Analyst & PR strategy

Company: Venture-backed startup (DCM, Intel) – acquired.


World’s First Data Storage Robot

Role: VP Marketing

Development Highlights:
• New product & company naming
• Brand, logo & positioning
• Out-of-Box-Experience design
• Packaging & in-box collateral design

Company: Venture-backed startup (Greylock & RRE) – acquired.

San Mateo Focus

Hyperlocal Podcast Business

Role: Producer & Co-Host

Development Highlights:
• Brand, positioning, messaging & logo
• Operational plan & audio production
• Organic & paid promotional campaigns
• Stories & on-air co-host

Company: Startup – Active

Monster Cable/Power

Iconic Consumer Electronics Brand

Role: Head of Marketing & Product Dev

Development Highlights:
• Led mktg, prod. mgt. & eng. teams
• Product development processes
• Led product planning, dev, & mktg.
• Launched 1,200 SKUs in 12 months

Company: Private company ($400M annual at that time).

Seagate Technologies

Digital Consumer Storage Products

Role: Exec. Dir. Consumer Marketing

Development Highlights:
• Design research management
• Industrial design project management
• Naming project management
• Brand development management

Company: Consumer division of global hard drive manufacturer


World’s First Personal Web Server

Role: VP Marketing & Prod. Mgt.

Development Highlights:
• Re-positioned failing product
• Developed new brand platform
• New retail POP & training materials
• Successful retail re-launch

Company: Venture-backed startup (Sequoia, VSP Capital) – acquired.


Scuba Diving Equipment Brand

Role: VP Marketing

Development Highlights:
• All channel support materials
• All packaging
• Managed industrial design
• All sales enablement & ad materials

Company: Private company ($15M annual at that time) – acquired.

Sage Systems/Aladn

IoT SaaS & Energy Mgt. Products

Role: VP Marketing (+ Product)

Development Highlights:
• Product strategy
• Product positioning & messaging
• Information architecture for web apps
• Hardware ID & UI design

Company: Venture-backed startup (Cardinal VC) – acquired.


We love the people we’ve worked with, and they love us right back.

Peter is the best Marketing person I have ever worked with. He is strategic and creative, a rare combination. He is also a delightful person—the strongest people skills ever. People who work for him will walk thru the fire for him, and if you are lucky enough to work with him you know he always has your back. I give him the highest possible recommendation.
Irene Baran

CEO, Speck Products

Peter is the most effective consumer products marketing leader I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He combines an impressive catalog of creative talents and business skills with unstoppable energy and committment to excellence with his team and projects. Peter is constantly thinking—and designing—outside the box, innovating to differentiate and gain competitive edge. He is a proactive participant who sets a high performance bar by example. He quickly earns respect from co-workers up and down the management chain. I recommend Peter Radsliff’s marketing leadership to any business serious about differentiating to lead the market with consumer products or services.
Steve Raschke

CEO, Candi Controls

Peter has a rare talent for building enthusiasm about a project while maintaining rational practicality in regards to costs, timelines and concepting. I learned so much working with Peter, not just from his design and market knowledge, which is vast, but just from his attitude towards development. Peter was a superior team leader and a visionary in concepting products and marketing plans.
Doug Sharp

Global Product Manager, Logitech

Peter has been the most brilliant marketing professional I have worked for. I reported to him at Sage Systems. He has been essential in driving our company’s brand communication with a high focus on a strategic visual aesthetic. His experise ranges from high-level problem-solving down to absolute hands-on creative know-how.
Quintin Doroquez

Visual Designer, VALVE

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Peter the past year at Mirra, where he was VP of Marketing, and Monster Cable 8 years ago. Peter is exceptionally creative, yet has a firm grasp on strategic objectives and quantitative analyses. He is always willing to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Companies really get their money’s worth when they bring Peter on board!
Heidi Elgaard

VP Marketing, Scandit

Peter has the unique ability to inspire the teams he manages. His excitement going into any project, no matter how challenging is infectious. Peter is able to bring out the best in people and the results usually exceed all project expectations. He happily shares his industry knowledge and is always open to learning from others. He’s so great, that I have worked for him at three different companies and would do so again in a heartbeat.
Suzanne Ricca

Art Director, Mirra, Seagate & Presto (former)

We’ve worked with the best:
Our personnel have served on executive startup teams backed by:
KPCB • Sequoia • Greylock • DCM • Intel Capital • Vanguard • Clearstone • Cardinal • VSP


We have the knowledge, experience, and track record to help you succeed.

Peter Radsliff

Peter Radsliff


Peter is the founder and Principal of Product Alchemy. He is a veteran Silicon Valley marketing and product development executive who has helped define, position, launch and market hundreds of disruptive consumer tech products and online services at venture-backed startups, midsize brand leaders, and Fortune 500 companies:

IoT Cloud Platforms:
Arrayent • Prodea Systems • Candi Controls

Cloud Platforms with Hardware:
Presto Services • Sage Systems

Monster Cable • Seagate • Drobo • APG • Oceanic Int’l • Heltun

Consulting & Teaching:
Product Alchemy • Praxis Product Design • San Francisco State University

San Mateo Focus Podcast

Product Alchemy Associates

Product Alchemy Associates

As Needed

Product Alchemy calls on trusted associates depending on what is needed for any particular client engagement, aligned with scope and budget. PA Associates are handpicked experts in their fields. References are available if desired when being considered for inclusion on a project.  


Let’s discuss how we can help you ensure your product achieves its potential: